A tiny Eastern Romanian village having less than two hundred Gypsy inhabitants, where any male can play at least one brass instrument and having probably the largest number of bands in Europe – this is the place where the Savale brass band comes from. It would be difficult to follow back in time their vast musical heritage as they have been playing music ever since they can remember and the gift of music and the instruments are passed from one generation to the other.
From three years old kids to seventy years old grandpas, each person is a skilled and fully trained musician here. These Romanian Gypsies earn their living by working their lands and playing music at various feats, weddings and funeral services. Usually they gather and play music only to cheer themselves up. On the other opportunities, e.g. on the so called “Green Gypsy Thursday” hundred of brass players come together from different villages, to demonstrate their skills, compete and party ”in private”, without entertaining any audience.
These traditions have been preserved for centuries and the Savale are playing something peculiar in this Romanian region: Gypsy music that combines the traditions of ancient Gypsy music at a breathtaking speed – up to 200 beats per minute – with those of the Balkan area, producing wonderfully rhythmic tunes played. These twelve musicians know extremely well the various music style and although, most of them are barely able to play music by notes, can play any tune after hearing it only once.
The Savale had a large number of performance in Romania, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, France, Slovakia, Spain, they were invited to many music festivals, carnivals and various feats.